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What is a Focus Group?

A Focus group is a small gathering of people who come together in a group discussion to share ideas, beliefs and opinions relating to varying topics. Participants are selected based on their demographic background and their interest in a particular topic. Group discussions usually range from 1-2 hours.

The focus group discussions are held at our offices around a conference table or in a living room setting. Usually representatives from a company may view and listen to the discussions and opinions being expressed during the group discussion. The information generated through focus groups provides valuable information and feedback to companies about new products, services, advertising and marketing campaigns. Information gathered in focus groups allows companies to make more informed decisions about their product or service.

What is Involved?

Please fill out the “easy on-line” registration form to register for focus group discussions. You will be asked to answer different questions about your household demographics, your hobbies and consumer habits. Please answer as many questions as you can. The more complete profile we have, the more likely you will be contacted to participate in a focus group study.

We ask for this information because companies seeking consumer feedback are very specific about the profile of their participants. These criteria change for each different study and each different client. We will use the information you provide in our “easy on-line” form to determine which discussions are appropriate for you.

What Is In It For Me?

Participating in a focus group allows you to meet new people and share your opinions -- while being paid for your time! You will be compensated for your feedback at the conclusion of your study. Compensation amount varies based on time of group, length of discussion and complexity of the topic. You can be paid between $85-$500.00 for your time!

Who Can Join?

The Focus Room welcomes the participation of men, women and children of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. If you have opinions, you are eligible to complete our on-line form. Anyone in your household over 18 should submit a separate registration form. Younger children may be included on your form.


Your information is submitted to us over secure website and uploaded directly into our database. Your information will never be sold or used for any purpose except as a guide for our focus group screening purposes

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